27.06.12Link Building Tips
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How to Organize Link Building

Keys to SEO:

  1. Put out great content. Daily.
  2. Build and maintain relationships.
  3. Internal link the bejesus out of your pages.
  4. Be creative.


We want links that are hard to get, that take effort to obtain, that you’ve somehow earned, not “easy links.” They need to be Valuable.

What you want is to be linked from places where there’s an actual audience that might see your link and click on it directly to visit.

A Mixture of:

  • nofollowed links
  • image links
  • a few good old sitewides

It’s about analyzing all the opportunities available to you and pursuing anything that you find credible. It’s also about ensuring that you’re visible in the latest and greatest places.

The best link builders are real and authentic.
Where to post Links

  1. Major directories that have real traffic, because people use them. (Over 40,000) Only directories with channels/ categories for the industry the site is in. (Note: 3,000 directories might have been banned from Google. That means 80% of them- only 20% are safe)
  2. Major social bookmarking sites that are actively used. (reddit, de.li.cous, digg)
  3. Comment on blogs if you have something useful to say. Blogs must be relevant to subject matter
  4. Local sites such as yelp.com, citysearch.com
  5. Through our social media efforts
  6. Guest posting on blogs
  7. Reviews on other sites – blogs/ local sites
  8. Links on sites where your competitors are listed

Sites must have PR 4+ (you can use SEOQuake, Quantcast to determine this.)

Types of Links

Top Domain types to get links on:

  • .govs
  • .edus!


  • .info
  • .net
  • .biz
  • .com
  • .me

Where to get links on sites

  • Permanent, sitewide
  • footer
  • sidebar
  • directories
  • links that roll off a blog’s homepage
  • profile links

Links should be pointed at:

  • links to your homepage
  • links to your subpages forum and blog comment links
  • image links to your pages

Tools to Use:
1.) use a gmail account
2.) Use Boomerang add on
Allows you to automatically set up reminders to follow up with people if you haven’t heard back from them. It also lets you send emails at a designated time.
3.) Use Canned Responses add on
Allows you to save email templates based off your contacting tactic.

set it up for:
placing links on sites
broken link building
guest blog pitching
blogger outreach

Highlight what you need to change each time to make it easy.

4.) Use Rapportive
This will show you everything you need to know about someone when you put in their email address, from their contact information to their social profiles. You can create more personalized email or contact them through Twitter first to avoid email overload.

5.) use: http://linkprospector.citationlabs.com/ to prospect sites
Organization Tips

Stay Organized! Stay Organized! Stay Organized!

Using The LinkBuilding Spreadsheet

1. Prioritizing
We will prioritize according to value and how easy it is to get.

The higher the value and the easier it is to get – those are the ones we will go after first.

Value (Scale 1-5, 5 being high)
Ease (Scale 1-5, 5 being difficult)

Multiply them, then sort by highest to lowest to see what you need to tackle first.

2. Color Coding
Green = link is up
Yellow = waiting on a response
Red = no way will you ever get a link.

Using Browser Tools
You can use your open tabs to know which links you still need to reach out to. Once you’ve valued the site or contacted them, close it out.

Use Ontolo’s URL Reviewer to open all the URLs I’ve copied over from an XLS at once.

If you cannot get to a prospect immediately,save it to bookmarks.

Organize by:

  • project
  • site type

Set up a time in your calendar for 2-3 days later to remind you to go back through those bookmarks.
Contacting People

Value each site that you want a link to and contact them IMMEDIATELY.

The site is still fresh in your mind. It’s much easier to craft a personal email when you just finished checking a site out.

Emails to them must be short but authentic and different (not just link to me.)
Write an email worth responding to.

Yes, link building is about the getting links to your websites, but to be successful, your focus should be on building the relationship not the link


Follow up once you have the Link

Once you actually get your link placed, the relationship isn’t over. In fact, you’ve really just had your first date. Follow up with them. Thank them for including your guest blog post or your website as a resource. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get another link from them in the future.


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Melissa is the Project Manager at Marketers Anonymous. She graduated from Stern College for Women with a minor in philosophy and a fiercely competitive nature, and now handles marketing and brand building efforts for the coolest company in Brooklyn.

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